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To those of you who are interested in touring in Germany,

This website has been created for you! It has been created for all international performers, promoters, managers and agents who intend to establish the most profitable business in Germany. Every country has its own specific legal regulations. More information on national peculiarities may save you money and problems. So, if you want to prepare your German activities on a business level, then invest some time in the following pages.

According to the report "Recording Industry in Numbers", published by the international trade body IFPI in April 2011, Germany ranks number three of the world’s largest music markets just behind Japan and the US, which holds the number one place. Related studies on the international concerts markets do not exist. However, with its 3.2 billion turnover the German live entertainment market amounts to more than the double the German record market.


Due to this development and the freedom of establishment and services for Europeans, more and more international artists – especially new talent – are touring Germany by dealing directly with their German partners. They conquer the German market without the involvement of professionals in their home country. Intending to avoid any conflicts with national regulations, they usually try to convert all legal duties to the domestic partner. However, in many cases this doesn’t help in the event of problems. Agreements under private law have no influence on the prevailing law in Germany. That is not just the case for the legally grounded liability to tax for the performers (!) but also in many other cases. The attempt to pass legal duties of foreign performers or tour organisers to domestic contracting parties functions at most if the duties assigned to them comply as well. Failing this, the foreign party continues to be bound to their duty in respect of the German authorities.


This website provides you with detailed information regarding the regulatory framework for appearances of foreign performers in Germany. It helps to make yourself legally fit for your appearances in Germany – the fourth largest music market in the world.

But the website provides you with more! You can also find over 200 addresses of German artist agencies, promoters and agents incl. all contact details. You can find the addresses of the most important German trade associations, NGOs and addresses of contacts for any further queries.

And we will of course continuously update the website. Therefore, we would appreciate all helpful suggestions.

We wish you a great new experience, not just at today's readings but we also hope for you to become a regular guest of this proposal.

By all means – let’s meet at your concert in Germany!

Jens Michow,
Michow & Partner

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