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Collecting Societies

Who is GVL?

GVL enforces the rights of practising artists and sound recording producers. These rights are not copyrights, but ancillary copyrights: it is not the creative or compositional activity of the author that is protected, but the interpretation of the musician or the recording of the sound recording producer. GEMA thus protects the rights to the composition of a song, while GVL protects the rights to the actual recording of a song by specific musicians. This difference is easier to maintain in classical music than in rock/pop/electronic music, where it is often difficult to separate a composition from a specific recording, since the score is not set down.

Someone who plays a specific sound recording in public uses both GEMA material and GVL material. GEMA collects the fee on behalf of GVL for public playback of radio transmissions and sound recordings. In practice, this is achieved by levying a surcharge of 20% or 26% on the GEMA fees.



Unbenanntes Dokument