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Frequently Asked Questions

Social Insurance for Artists

Do I have health insurance coverage through the social insurance fund during appearances in Germany?

No. Health insurance from the artist’s social insurance fund only benefits members. Artists who are resident abroad can only become members of the artist’s social insurance fund if they work predominantly in Germany and earn most of their living there.

Can my German contracting partner retain the contribution due on my artist’s salary from my salary?

There is no legal right to retain. The act of retaining a portion of your salary to pay your social insurance contribution must be based on a corresponding contractual agreement in which you are placed under the obligation to assume the matching costs. Passing on contributions to the contracting partner is only invalid if the party to whom the obligation was passed on is already entitled to social insurance benefits. Since artists domiciled abroad cannot be insured by the fund, passing the contribution on would not be invalid.

Must a German promoter also pay the artist’s social insurance contribution to the extent that a foreign tour promoter and not the German promoter is paying the artist?

Yes. Since the foreign promoter cannot be subjected to claims by the artist’s social insurance fund, the domestic promoter is instead liable for the contribution. The basis for calculating the contribution is the compensation that the tour promoter pays the artist.




As a business person, must I pay the contributions to the artist’s social insurance fund while I am in Germany?

No. Only business people who have their legal domicile in Germany must are liable for social benefits contributions.

Is my German promoter required to make payments to the artist’s social insurance fund?

Yes. Basically, every business person who is domiciled in Germany and who pays remunerations to self-employed artists is obligated to pay a fixed percentage of the total remunerations paid out in the calendar year to the social benefits fund. For example, in 2017 the contribution tax rate is 4.8%. If a business person pays artists total remunerations of €100,000.00 in the calendar year, he/she owes €3,900.

Can the German contracting partner retain the contribution owed on the compensation paid by a foreign tour promoter?

As already established above under the topic of artist’s salary, there is no legal right to retain contributions from the compensation in the case of compensation paid to foreign tour promoters. Since, admittedly, the contribution owed by the domestic party on the compensation paid by the foreign promoter to the artist is ultimately a part of the costs of the event, this is to be taken into account by the contracting parties when they calculate costs and in the event that there is an agreement on the assumption of costs, the domestic party is to be reimbursed.
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