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Frequently Asked Questions

The German Events Industry

In Germany, what’s the difference between a tour promoter and a local promoter?

Unlike other countries, German tour promoters regularly use local promoters in our individual cities to execute their events. This has the advantage that the execution of every event is in the hands of companies that are especially familiar with the conditions in their specific region. The local promoters are independent business people who often also act as tour promoters themselves in addition to working as local promoters.



Promoters, managers and agents in a single association?

This may be surprising for foreign professionals – however, in Germany it works out fine.

And it is comprehensible, too: almost every manager over here works at the same time as an agent. In some cases he might promote as well as own a label or publishing company. Conflict of interest? No, especially not in the age of 360-degree deals. Incidentally – a borderline between the single professions has never existed in Germany anyway. One of the reasons might be that the profession of the personal manager is just about to be established in Germany. By all means there is no limitation for one person to execute simultaneously the tasks of a manager, agent and a promoter. And neither promoters nor agents consider it to be a problem that their professional interests are represented by the same association.



How do I find a promoter, manager or agent in Germany?

More than 300 companies from the industry and with them all major promoters, agents and managers are members of the “German Association for the Events Industry” (BDV). You can find the complete address list on this website under “Industry”.
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